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Oct 21, 2012 5:00pm EDT
to soften, helping to increase inventory. in hardest hit california, consumers do not want to wait three weeks for even more relief following a summer of dramatic price hikes. but there's good news for california drivers as well with some expecting gas prices to drop by as much as $1 there. for the rest of us, experts predict prices could stay as low -- could stay low through february. >> gas prices in our area are finally calling. both maryland and virginia are seeing lower prices. cheapest prices in the commonwealth that $3.51. maryland $3.62. in the district, $3.82. however, that is 15 cents less than what we were paying just a month ago. did you get to see it last night? the needy or shower -- the media or about -- the meteor shower. it is fascinating stuff, isn't it? sarcasm. well, that is critical. at the peak of the shower, at least 20 meteorites' flashed across the sky in one hour. i was in the shenandoah valley last night. did not see a thing. >> we told people last night that it is very hit or miss and it was not going to be like this awesome fireworks display like you expect o
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1